Making Eden out of the Wasteland

I was driving on the highway this evening and was greeted by an amazing sight: a tiger sky lit my way; the orange of the setting sun was overlayed by black clouds from a nearby thunderstorm.  Against this backdrop, the green of the trees was even more vibrant.  It hadn’t started raining yet, but the air held that electric anticipation that comes before a storm.  I thought to myself “God hath made wondrous things.”

But then it occurred to me: it’s wondrous because of the wealth we have in this nation.  I am well protected from these storms thanks to 4 sturdy walls and a roof.  I can enjoy the pageantry of the storm (lightening and hail) from the comfort of my air-conditioned living room.  In fact, the biggest inconvenience was when I lost satellite reception for my TV.  The interconnections of humans, as coordinated by markets, made this possible.  200 years ago, such a storm would have been terrifying.  Markets have helped us tame Nature and create our very own Eden.