Disagree at Your Own Peril

Writing in the Washington Post, Sen. Whitehouse (D-RI), advocates for using RICO statutes to shut down disagreements on global warming consensus.

I think this is a great idea.  If it applies to science, let’s apply it to economics, too!  That means people who think the trade deficit is bad, free trade harms Americans, returns on capital are driving inequality, or that minimum wage doesn’t make it harder for workers to find jobs could be prosecuted!  I mean, on the one hand, I’d be out of a job, as much of this blog is about debunking these myths, but if I can just press federal charges against people who disagree with economic theory, it’d be an easy life.  I wonder if I could get some whistle blower rewards…

All sarcasm aside, I wonder how fast these politicians would change their tune once they started facing RICO statutes.

4 thoughts on “Disagree at Your Own Peril

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  2. i think senator whitehouse could use a lesson in “coyote’s law” about government power.

    it’s not really a “law” per se, but it is a great idea and goes roughly as follows:

    before advocating granting a new power to a politician you like, first, imagine that power being wielded by a politician you really hate. if it still seems like a good idea, then maybe you have something worth pursuing.

    if not, walk away.

    honestly, the rico case would be far stronger if made AGAINST those arguing for man made global warming. they are the organized ones who keep getting caught lying about the data, extorting companies and individuals, shoveling money to cronies, and making grabs for power.

    the problem with government is that it exempts itself form censure for performing acts that would be clearly criminal if anyone else performed them. this is inherent to the idea of government (monopoly on force etc) and in small amounts, creates liberty. but taken to far, it becomes every bit as pernicious as the evils it is meant to combat.


  3. If we outlawed lying scumbags like the fossil fuel industry or other crony capitalists, politicians would be in big trouble. Where would they get their campaign money?


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