Spontaneous Order In Action

One of the things economists like to discuss is spontaneous order, or how an order develops naturally without any central planner (“as if guided by an invisible hand,” to quote Adam Smith).  Since we are so immersed in it, it can be hard for us to see.  But check out this video:


I took this at Pax East, a gaming convention, in Boston today. Notice the river ways of people that form, without any security guards or traffic police, that allow folks to go from one end of the hall to the other.  From the ground level, it is seemingly chaotic and anarchy, but from above we can see the order forming naturally.

This same thing happens in economics: from the ground floor, the world is chaotic, but from a higher view, one can see the infinite supply lines and human interactions that bring us our food and beverage without anyone directing it.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Update: Youtube link fixed

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