Markets as Love

The following is taken from a sermon I gave at First Congregational Church of Concord NH on Sunday, 8 February:

I think y’all know I’m not from around here.  I grew up in Mass, which means I drive too fast, cheer too loud, and walk around with a certain level of swagger that borders on arrogance.  For me, humbling myself to the level of servant, as Christ commands, is a very difficult thing to do.  I’ll be the first to admit that charity volunteer work is very difficult for me to do, especially in hospitals or other places where people are in dire straits.  It’s fair easier for me to cut a check to some charity and pat myself on the back and say “well, my good deed is done,” but that is not the whole of what being a Christian is.  Others may try to foist off their responsibilities onto some third party or government agency.  They, like me, pat themselves on the back and say “well, I did my part.  They’re someone else’s problem now!”  But that is not true love.  True Christian love is the people working down in our cold weather shelter to ensure people have a warm place to spend the night.  Or the folks over at the hospital, caring for those in need.  Or the cops on the roadways, doing their best to make sure all of us are safe.  Or the men in the DOT who have spent countless hours making sure our roads are plowed as we get hit with blizzard after blizzard.  Or the utility workers who keep the lights on.  Or the farmers who keep us fed.  True Christian love does indeed surround us because there are literally billions around the world who are working to make the world a better place.

It may be a little self-serving of me to quote myself, but I think this sums up how I see markets as well as I can say it.